The Mobility Alliance: Double the expertise, square the outcome

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Collaboration that squares your automotive success

Automotive megatrends and future mobility concepts driven by increasing environmental legislation, e-mobility and autonomous driving are shaping the engineering challenges that the industry faces: New architecture designs and solutions are required to reduce weight and increase safety. Furthermore, the integration and protection of batteries and electronic components play a crucial role in development and manufacturing.

At The Mobility Alliance, we aim to boost the car development process and sustainability by addressing customer engineering needs from the earliest design and simulation phases, uniquely combining the material science competence of Henkel with the engineering expertise of RLE International.

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From Drawing

Board to

Production Line

Through a holistic development approach from concept to launch and series production, Henkel and RLE International will ensure the process security and sustainability of all the development, engineering and material processes. This will grant automotive manufacturers (OEMs) access to a unique global combination of long-term engineering know-how and best-in-class material science.

For example, a fresh new perspective to innovative automotive engineering enables next-generation structural solutions with superior crash performance for EV battery protection. The approach leverages the synergy of specially developed lightweight and high-performance structural foam from Henkel in combination with advanced engineering design by RLE International. 

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